Featured Professional of the Week: George Sleeman

George Sleeman is the owner of Tax Man To You, LLC a small tax preparation firm in Fountain, Colorado.  After 16 years in Law Enforcement, a back injury demanded a change of profession.  George had been doing taxes on the side for a while, but is doing them full time for fun and profit.  The integrity and honesty needed to be a police officer carried over into his tax preparation.  Confidentiality, honesty, and trust are key to his clients, and himself.

I started in this industry… because I got tired of seeing the people I worked with being charged outrageous prices by so called “tax preparers” when I could do them quicker, more accurately and far less expensively.

I am different because… I care about the people who become my clients.  I have been invited to weddings of clients, attended funerals, and just to come over for a BBQ.  I make a point of knowing them as friends, looking out for what is best for them.

The most important advice I tell clients is… be prepared and always be honest.  If you have the records in place and do not lie, cheat or attempt to deceive, an audit is nothing but a formality.  When you try to sneak one by, you may get away with it today, but tomorrow?

The most unusual question I’ve heard from a client was… “Can I deduct my pets vet bills?”  Unfortunately, you cannot.  As a pet owner (2 dogs and a cat) I wish you could as I know the pain of a sick animal both emotionally and financially.

My favorite part about helping clients is… getting to know them on a personal level.  When I can help a client improve their situation, and they know that it is possible for things to improve, I have not only made a client happy, but I have made a trusted friend in the process.

The best thing about my job… is going to a client’s home and meeting their family.  Since I work out of my home, and my clients home (hence the name Tax Man To You) I get the rare opportunity to sit down at their kitchen table over a cup of coffee and make them feel relaxed and at ease when it comes to doing taxes.  I cannot count how many times I have been told “that was the best time I have had doing my taxes.”

The worst piece of advice I’ve ever heard is… “Yes, you can deduct your haircuts.”  I work with a lot of law enforcement and military.  One preparer lost his ability to do returns because he would deduct haircuts and the like for people.  Unfortunately, the people had to pay the price for his abuse of the tax code.  Education is the key.  Keeping up on the tax code is my job, yours is to check out your preparer ahead of time and ensure he/she is legitimate and in compliance.

New clients should know… they are about to experience a painless tax return preparation.  I cannot say the end result will be if you did not plan, but together we will build a plan for the next to maximize your return, or reduce your liability.



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